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Lipsticks is a HUGE topic, but I think it is a great thing that all girls wonder about and definitely needs to be covered.

There are many different types of lipsticks, as well as many colors. All of us struggle with colors that work for us. I will tell you, the key is in your skin tone AND undertone (which is also something very important to foundation, but that’s another post.)

Anyways, There are differences, like matte, creamy, glitter, etc. As well as ones with different intensities.

first off, If you want smooth lips (they can never be perfect like advertisements, by the way) I recommend exfoliating your lips beforehand.

If you want the lipstick to be true to the color coming out of the tube, I also recommend applying concealer or even foundation to your lips to create a more neutral palette. But please, OH GOD PLEASE, don’t use it as a lip color. IT LOOKS AWFUL, MMMKAY?!! I’ll go over some notes on colors later.

Cream lipsticks often include glitter and non-glitter options, which is a great and wide range. Cream lipsticks are great for people that have already moist lips. I know, most people go for a cream because their lips feel dry. But I would still recommend putting on a balm before a creamy lipstick, otherwise your lips that are hungry for moisture will suck your lips dry of all that beautiful lipstick you just put on! I would definitely say most cream formula lipsticks are only semi-long lasting, and if you put your lips to the glass enough you will find yourself reapplying often!

Now as for glitter or no glitter, age DOES NOT define whether it’s appropriate to wear glitter. However, the size and amount of glitter does matter. A younger girl will be more well suited to bigger and chunkier glitter, whereas older girls and women will look great with that little extra sparkle (sephora has a great range of lipsticks that have subtle glitter!) Alternatively, if you already have a lot of glitter on your eyes, I don’t recommend extending that to your lips in the same look. As much as I LOVE glitter, there is such a thing as too much. Anyway, back to the point, a hint of glitter will make any set of lips look great and draw some attention to them.

Matte is my favorite, and I’ll tell you why. I have really dry lips, and during the day, I am constantly applying lip balm and gloss. So when I’m going out and putting on lipstick the LAST thing I want to do is try to re-apply lipstick, especially if I’ve had a few to drink. (don’t pretend you don’t agree ladies!) Anyways, the beauty of matte is when it promises to be long lasting, it usually IS long lasting. Because it’s a dry formula, it sticks to your lips and doesn’t rub off much (if at all) when you take a drink, or over time, your lips won’t soak it in. I still recommend applying lip balm before hand, and layering matte is the best way to get a long-lasting finish. I put a layer on and gently blot it dry, apply a second layer, and blot that dry as well. It tends to do the trick and I can actually kiss my fiance without it rubbing off on his lips.

And now, my friends, it is time for color:

The best Nude lipsticks

Cool or neutral toned women/Fair skinned- Get a nude lipstick with a hint of pink.

Yellow toned women/Medium skinned- Nude lipsticks with peachy and orange undertones

Dark toned women (olive)/Dark skinned- don’t go for something too light, as it will make you look chalky. Instead opt for something only a few shades lighter from your natural skin tone.

The best red lips

Cool or neutral toned/fair skinned- ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS go for a blue hued red lip. It will look great contrasted with your skin and you wont look like you have a fat lip (like you would with an orange toned red) - Side note (if your hair is very light, try to get a red lipstick that is more like a berry stain than a full on dark red- you will look very unnatural)

Yellow toned/Medium skinned- opt for one with a yellow or orange tinged red. Think warm like fire. (once again- if you have light hair, opt for a less pigmented shade of red, then it won’t look overwhelming)

Olive toned/Dark skin- Dark berry reds will always look excellent on your skin.

AND YES, Redheads can wear red lipstick. I should know :P I always opt for a blue toned red lipstick (I have NARS’ Vesuvio- this color seems to really work for almost every gal I have seen apply it to their lips!

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